Dispute Resolution Service

Dispute Resolution Service

Creditline understands that issues may arise from time to time and we recognise that the customer comes first. We value feedback on the products and services we offer and welcome comments that may lead to further improvements on how we conduct our business. Please feel free to contact our Internal Disputes Resolution Manager, Malcolm McPhie, if you require further assistance:

By Phone: 03 9835 9700

By Email: [email protected]

In Writing: Creditline Australia, PO BOX 1076, Hartwell Vic 3124

The role of the Dispute Resolution Manager is to investigate customer concerns and to make a final decision with a view to resolving the matter satisfactorily, in accordance with our dispute resolution process. The Manager has the authority to make a final decision and will notify you in writing as soon as possible of being notified of the dispute. Determination of a dispute will normally occur within 20 business days of receiving all relevant information from the client and where required from the credit provider. This service is free.

If you do not agree with our Internal Dispute Resolution Service, we may refer the matter to Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) who will review the complaint and provide an independent mediation and resolution service free of charge to you. The AFCA  can be contacted on either 1800 931 678 or https://www.afca.org.au. Complaints can be lodged via the AFCA website.

Should a complaint be about our collection and use of your personal information you may refer the matter to the Australian Privacy Commissioner who will investigate your concerns free of charge to you

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